Industry Background

Modern Telco networks are evolving at a rapid pace to offer faster and more efficient Internet connectivity and advanced multimedia communications.

A thorough understanding of the fundamental changes and complexities in the telco industry introduced by emerging technologies and WEB 2 presents exciting opportunities and challenges for broadband professionals


Our Training Philosophy

Broadband Gurus are renowned for teaching “beyond the facts.” Our instructors blend accurate, relevant content with insightful analogies and a touch of humour, which provides students with a rich learning experience.

 Once a course is completed, students have a good understanding of the technology, feel that their questions have been answered, and can immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge to become more productive.


Why Guru training ??

 1. ACQUIRE a clearer picture of established and emerging telecommunications technologies and their likely effect on the market – with forecasts, timelines and regional analysis from the experts

2. BECOME fully versed in fixed, mobile, and data network technology and applications, including the reasons behind its adoption, its strengths, weaknesses and failings

3. ASSIMILATE best practice and understand how latest management techniques can be used within technical projects and with technical teams within the telecoms industry

 4. ACHIEVE a better understanding of your people, your products, and your business giving you an unparalleled view of where your organisation stands, its strengths and future growth opportunities

 5. BUILD a solid platform on which to make strategic, technical, financial and management decisions that are reliable, well grounded and commercially viable.





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